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     Mark grew up regularly attending a Lutheran church with his parents and brothers.  At age seventeen he first attended a Gospel preaching church where he witnessed the living testimony of true believers.  Seeing their testimonies drew Mark to want to receive Christ.  He began listening to a Gospel radio program regularly and finally came to repentance and faith in Christ and called on Christ as his Lord and Savior.  As a senior in high school he met some Baptist believers.  In the course of time he began attending Baptist churches and was immersed about two years after being saved.

     Donna is the oldest of nine children and grew up on a farm in Manitoba, Canada.  Her family lived with her Grandma who truly knew and loved God.  When Donna was eight years old she had the opportunity to attend Bible camp.  Although most people saw her as a good little girl, she knew she was a bad liar and sinner.  She turned to God from her sin and trusted what Jesus had done for her on the cross.  The camp had a Bible reading and memorization program that helped her to grow spiritually and know what God wanted for her life.  Her life’s verses are Proverbs 3:5&6.

Schooling and Service

      In 1977, God led Mark to Pillsbury Baptist Bible College to pursue a degree in Bible.  There God called him to fulltime Christian service and directed him into elementary education.  At Bible College Mark met Donna and they were married in 1980.  Mark and Donna are blessed with four children who are all grown and married now.  For 29 years Mark taught in Christian schools.  Through the years both Mark and Donna have served in a full range of ministries in Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches.  Mark received further Biblical training from correspondence courses and earned his Certificate of Theology from a local church Bible Institute. 

Surrender to Missions

    In the fall of 2013, Mark and Donna took just over a month to go on a mission’s trip to help and be a blessing to missionary friends, Eric and Jessica Curtis.  While preparing and preaching a parting message challenging Ukrainian believers to reach their own people for Christ God clearly spoke to Mark’s heart, calling him to reach Ukrainian souls for Christ.  Since our call to Ukraine, unrest and war has broken out, but we are confident of our call and believe God has called us to Ukraine for such a time as this.  See I Corinthians 1:26-31.  Brethren, pray for US.  Ukrainian Sinners; Ukrainian Saints; Ukrainian Servants—Mark and Donna Kuenzi


March 2021 Kuenzi’s to Ukraine Prayer and Praise Update

Greetings Dear Pastors, Supporting Churches and Friends,

Literature Ministry-- By God’s grace, we have been able to distribute all 25,000 of the 2021 pocket calendars we ordered along with tracts.  Now our 2nd shipment of 10,000 calendars are all but gone, and we have just ordered 10,000 more. We distribute these along with tracts and a limited number of John/Romans near subway stops and place them along with tracts in mailboxes, which is permissible here. The calendars have a Scripture verse on each side as well as website and contact information. In addition to calendars, we have recently printed and received 15,000 reformatted tracts we had written and had translated.  We welcome spring as warmer weather makes our work a lot easier. Please pray for God to change lives as people are directed to God’s Word through the literature and our website.  Tanya, the young lady who designs our tracts and calendars has been opening up and willing to talk to us about the things of God.  Pray for Tanya to seek God and agree to a Bible study.

University Outreach/English Speaking Contacts-- Recently, university students have been allowed to attend live classes again.  This has opened the door for us to stand outside near the university and meet foreign students who speak English. Over the last 4 weeks we have been able to distribute over 3000 tracts near the university.  This includes over 2,700 in Russian to students and other passersby, and over 300 English tracts. We have been able to meet and speak with a number of English-speaking students. Please pray with us for English speaking contacts who are open to the Gospel.                      

Mark passing tracts near the universities.

“Atheist” translator, Pasha, and his family-- Pasha’s wife, their 10 year-old son and Pasha’s mother attended church with us for the first time on January 7th, Ukrainian Christmas.  They came 4 more times following that on Sunday mornings. The last time Pasha himself came of his own accord, not to translate for us. Since they contracted covid-19 it seems they have gotten distracted and not returned.  Pasha’s wife, Julia and their son, Ilia had also been coming to our place for English/ Bible lessons each week before they got sick. Pray for Pasha, Julia, Ilia and Luda (his mom) to seek God and be saved.  

The International Medical University

Language studiesPray for discipline and adeptness in learning.  We see baby steps of progress but have a long way to go.

Internet outreach/English speaking contacts-- We are continuing to run Facebook ads with good results of people clicking on them to read them or to look at the website.  We have been able to witness over the internet this way but have had only one “live” contact so far.  The young Palestinian man that I have communicated with is afraid to have his family and friends know that he is communicating with someone and talking about Jesus so he has not communicated for several weeks. Pray his fears will not hinder him from seeking God. Please do not post any of this on social media and if you posted our previous letter online please remove it.  Johanna, a med student we started Bible studies with 2 years ago, contacted us again and has come for one other Bible study.

Rehab Outreach/Nursing Home Fire-- In January, an electrical fire at a nursing home in our city of Kharkiv killed 15 people.  It is not uncommon here in Ukraine for such places to be unregistered. Since this was an unregistered facility the city began clamping down.  The Christian Rehab Center for alcoholics and drug addicts where I have preached and taught is also unregistered.  They moved to the church building in Vvedenka where we used to meet. Though they had legal right to be there, villagers showed resistance. Now they have decided to close temporarily until they can get registered.   Please pray for Vova, who heads that ministry to have wisdom concerning the Lord’s leading.  All but one of these men are continuing to come to church and have some accountability.

Orphanage-- The orphanage ministry is still closed to us due to Covid-19.  Covid is presently on the rise here in Ukraine again.  Pray for the children and that this door of opportunity may open again soon.

Personal / thanks and prayer-- We are thankful to have gotten our documents renewed till near the end of January 2022.  Recently we discovered that we need to return to the U.S. the end of April to prove Donna’s American naturalization which the U.S. says they have no proof of.  Donna was born in Canada and became a U.S. citizen several years ago. She is required to appear in person with her naturalization papers.  At this time, we are not sure of where we will be at certain times, but we will be in Virginia until the naturalization problem is solved and then will be in Pennsylvania and Texas, Lord willing.  Please contact us by email (markkuenzi@yahoo.com)  or phone (434-264-1464) if you would like me to preach or give your church an update in person.  

We are thankful for Skype and Facetime to be able to communicate with family.  Donna’s parents are in fairly good health in a nursing home (just received their 2nd Covid vaccine).  Please keep praying for our brother-in-law Robert who has terminal cancer and is lost.

We greatly appreciate your prayer and financial support for us.  We are praying for each of you—our supporting churches regularly.  Keep living for Jesus and witnessing to those around you, wherever you are.  “Finally, brethren, pray for us that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified…” II Thessalonians 3:1

Because Christ lives,  Mark and Donna Kuenzi