K J B 

AJ and Pat Easter

Missionaries to Chile
Anniversary: June 26
A J -September 17
Pat - January 29

A.J. and Pat were born and reared on farms in Amelia County, Virginia.  A.J. was saved during a revival meeting at Salem Methodist Church in Amelia in the fall of 1954 when he was 12 years old.  Pat was saved during a revival meeting at Calvary Baptist Church in Amelia on June 13, 1964 when she awas 17 years old.  Pastor Gordon Morris was preaching.

A.J. was called to preach when he asked God, "How do you call a man to preach?"  God answered by saying, "You'll know because I'm going to call you."  After about 15 years of not telling anyone, he surrendered to preach and to be a missionary during a missions conference at Grace Baptist Church in Petersburg, Virginia on April 17, 1970 when he was 27 years old.

A.J. and Pat moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee in August 1970 where they attended Tennessee Temple Bible School.  They graduated with a Graduate of Theology in May of 1974 and with a Bachelor of Bible in May of 1975.  While they were there, God gave them two children, Anthony and Angela.  Then they moved back to Blackstone, Virginia; and A.J. was ordained by Grace Baptist Temple on November 14, 1975.  They were accepted by Maranatha Baptist Mission, Inc. as missionaries to Chile, South America and began doing deputation work.  Then they moved to Edinburg, Texas in June of 1976 to study the Spanish language.  They graduated from Rio Grande Spanish Institute in December of 1977.  Then they moved back to Blackstone to finish deputation.

 A.J., Pat, Anthony and Angela moved to Chile in October of 1978.  They helped the Lewis Browning family start a church in Malloco their first term.  Then while they were home on furlough, God have them their third child, Jonathan.  Since they they have worked in a larger city, Rancagua.  There they have helped start three more churches, and God has called Chilean pastors for all four of these churches.  God has also raised up four Christian radio stations.  They have worked there for over 28 years.  A.J. and Pat are looking forward to returning to Chile in May of 2007.